Repairs, upgrades, fault finding and rectification.

Whether you intend a planned upgrade of ageing electrical equipment, updating existing electrical systems to comply with changing regulation, or require more immediate attention with fault-finding or emergency repair, Positive Services is able to assist.

Often, earthing and bonding may be absent or not installed to the required standard in older installations. Old distribution equipment may prove inadequate for more modern power requirements. Upgrading earthing systems, or replacing old distribution equipment such as wooden-backed fuseboards with rewireable fuse holders or voltage-operated earth leakage circuit breakers, can afford a much greater level of protection to an installation, the property in which it is installed and the inhabitants within it.

Many householders will remain unaware or unconcerned about some of the new requirements for electrical installations, though many organisations will have little option but to implement them. Following recent updates to the Wiring Regulations, much emphasis has been placed on increased protection by RCD, and there are significant changes relating to rooms containing a bath or shower. As commercial premises renew their insurances, often being instructed to obtain an
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) as a condition of cover, these new requirements will need to be satisfied.

You've turned on a switch and something went bang. The sockets were working on Friday when you locked up but they don't on Monday morning. You've tried to reset the RCD in your consumer unit but it continues to trip. You pressed the start button on the motor starter but the compressor won't work.

Positive Services deal with many similar calls on a regular basis. These problems can be a nuisance, an inconvenience or even a danger. The types of faults and the varied causes of them can be bewildering, but fault-finding and correction is vital service that we offer to our clients.